Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Oscar Wedding Shower

Whatever they say, the wedding shower is organized for the guests. But do they really get enough attention and respect in the wedding rush? Remember how the guests are welcomed at Oscar Awards Ceremony and try to recreate this Bohemian atmosphere on your wedding shower.

1. Arrange a long red carpet from the road to the front door
2. Hire a security guy with a ear-phone and a list of guests to check them out
3. Hire a dozen 'paparazzi', people with cameras to take pictures of arriving guests
4. Hire an actor playing a journalist to interview guests and a cameraman to film this process
5. Rent a screen connected to camcorder to show the guests' interviews to the guests inside the house

Your guests will feel themselves like Hollywood stars. The will tell everyone that you’ve made the best wedding shower they have ever been to.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Old Life Good Time

After marriage and birth of children our life changes greatly. No more sitting in the park, walking the streets at night, disco dancing, etc. Take your darling even if just for one day back to the good times of your old life when you used to devote all your time to each other.

1. Remember how you and your wife liked to spend time when you were dating
2. Make all arrangements like movie tickets, night club table reservation, whatever.
3. Hire a baby sitter or ask parents to take your child for the weekend

At least once a month you both will feel yourselves carefree again and will never complain about workaday life. You will prove that your marriage is different and you will not get used to each other like other couples.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Baby Book

Children grow so quickly and all that remains for the parents are memories. The problem is we can’t trust our memory as we forget most of the wonderful moments our kids shared with us. Buy a special baby book and write down everything you consider being important about your kids starting from the very first days of their life.

1. Order hand-made notebook with the name of the baby or a title "Baby's Name Childhood" on the cover
2. Tell the parents they should start writing as early as you can, make notes about baby's weight, mood, behavior, first words, write down funny things they say when they are kids - this will be the most interesting place in your book

The parents will thank you for this gift not once nor twice when reading it over and over returning to that happy time. They will always have the answer when their grown-up child asks them about his childhood

Monday, March 12, 2007

Musical gift

If your girlfriend or wife has a musical instrument at home you can impress her greatly by showing you hidden talent.
1. One month before her birthday find a music teacher and start taking lessons
2. Find out her favorite music composition or song
3. Ask your teacher to teach you this particular composition.
4. At the birthday party say that you have a lot of hidden talents and would like to make a special gift for her
5. Play the music

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The world is enough

For some people the world is not enough, for others it is enough to know that someone will do his best to make them happy.

1. Find a company that makes carpets based on customer's design
2. Order a carpet with the world's map on it
3. When she is out, spread the carpet on the floor in her room
4. Ask her to close the eyes before entering the room
5. When she is in, say: "My love, this gift is just a symbol, but it means that the whole world will be under your feet."

Monday, February 26, 2007

Only you

In the past men wrote letters to their beloved in which they described their feelings. These days people send each other emails, but they will not do as emails are not romantic.

1. Create a website or blog
2. Devote it to your only one
3. Describe how beautiful she is, how you love her
4. If you write verses, write and post verses about your love
5. Send her a post card with the URL to the site

Monday, February 19, 2007

Wedding Invitation CDs

Usually the only gifts the guests receive on wedding are invitations. All couples want their wedding to be unforgettable in everything, starting from invitations. Hours are spent on searching the most beautiful invitation cards and calligraphically writing the invitation texts. In fact that doesn't make them unforgettable so if you don't want them to be thrown away after the wedding you should think of something more original.

1. Write down personal invitation for each guest
2. Record your invitation on CDs at a radio station
3. On the rest of CDs space record music that you have chosen for your wedding band to play
4. Print specially designed CD covers
5. Hire messenger service to deliver your wedding invitation CDs to the guests

Your guests will have no chance to forget your wedding party. Every time they play your wedding invitation CD to listen to the music, they will hear your voice and remember how good your wedding was.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Picture of life

Usually people keep pictures in albums, each on a separate page. They represent different moments of our life. What if make a collage to get a picture of somebody's life in its entirety.

1. Select pictures where the person is in different age (Ideally from childhood or babyhood).
2. Scan these pictures.
3. Use Photoshop or other programs to make a collage out of these pictures.
4. Print the collage picture and put it in a frame.

Friday, February 9, 2007

The First Painting

The gifts we get from our kids are the most valuable ones. However they are able to make some craft gifts only at a certain age when they can write, paint or do something with their own hands. We can speed it up if we help our babies a little bit.

1. Prepare all necessary stuff for painting
2. Lay a sheet of paper on the table
3. Sit at the table with your baby on your knees
4. Dip a paint-brush into the paint
5. Put the paint-brush into baby's hand
6. Let the baby make free moves across the paper
7. Change the paint color and repeat
8. Cut the best abstract from the painting
9. Buy appropriate frame for the abstract

You will start developing your baby's art skills from the very start. Maybe your treasure will become a famous artist and this first picture will cost much money.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Photo Portrait

Centuries ago there was a tradition to decorate castles' walls with portraits of family members and relatives. In our time we can't afford sitting still for hours giving an artist a chance to a portrait of our close people. Also there will be no surprise if you order a portrait drown from nature.

1. Take a good picture of the person you want to make a unique gift.
2. Find an artist who draws portraits based on photos and order a picture with the person on it.
3. Ask the artist to draw the person dressed in something form the past centuries if you want to make the gift a little bit funny.
4. Hang the picture, covered with a white fabric, in the person's apartment.
5. Gather all the guests and solemnly take the fabric off.

You will not only make a unique gift but also decorate the apartment. You can even start a new family tradition that will be taken up by the next generations.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Valentine for a Date

If you like someone but hesitate to ask her or him for a date, you can use a Valentine as a gift on Valentine's Day:

1. Buy a Valentine Card
2. Write on it something like: "I've been looking for you all my life. I'm waiting for you at restaurant 'Mozart' at 6 pm. Your Valentine"
3. Drop the Valentine to her mailbox or put it on her desk or choose any other way to deliver the message

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Valentine Business Cards

If your Valentine has business cards, you can use the following idea on Valentine's Day:

1. Order 100 business cards with design that resembles business cards of your beloved, but with a different text "Her first and last name, the Valentine of your first and last name"
2. On February, 14 replace her cards with ones you printed, so she wouldn't know about it.

She will be pleased to know why people smile when they read the cards she gave them.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Personal Calendar

Calendar holidays are the days we don't have to work on, just an occasion to get together and spend some time talking, drinking and sometimes having fun. They don't really mean much to us, and very often we don't even think what we celebrate on these days. You can turn a calendar into a very meaningful gift to your friends or relatives if you do the following:

1. Schedule all the dates that are important for your people, like birthdays, wedding days, graduating from high school or university, getting driving license, first kiss, etc.
2. Find some funny pictures that were taken at different seasons.
3. Ask a designer from a publishing company to use pictures as illustrations for each month and mark all special days you could remember as calendar holidays.

You will make a unique and at the same time practical gift. In case you make a real research in people's biography, there is a great chance you will remind them about the dates they don't remember themselves.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Handmade Dress

When we want to buy a dress as a gift for our love we usually go to the clothing store. They often sell many dresses of the same model and there is a chance she will meet someone in the same dress. It's a good idea to order the dress from a dress-designer, but the better idea is to make the dress yourself (at least some sewing).

1. Find a dress-designer who would agree to help you make a dress for her (offer extra money)
2. While shopping remark what dresses or other clothes she picks and tries on
3. If there is no chance to secretly take her measurements, take some clothes from her wardrobe
4. Use help and instructions of the dress-designer, but do yourself as much of the dress as you can
5. Make your own label or your brand logo on the dress

Clothes do not make the man, but they do make the woman. It will be the most unique dress in the world for her because it is you who have made it.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Flower Bed

Women like when men give them flowers but they don't like when flowers fade. Men could give them potted flowers but some women don't like flowers in pot. The safe strategy is to plant a bed with flowers in front of her house.

1. If you can, do it yourself, otherwise find and order florist service
2. Chose flowers to be set and the shape they should be set, ex.: in the shape of heart or words 'I love you'
3. Organize all the work for the night or early morning

It will be a really unique gift as there are no two similar beds with flowers especially if you let your fantasy play. Imagine how happy she will be when in the morning she looks at the window and sees the most beautiful gift she has ever been given.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Greeting Banner

Almost each of us has a website we visit everyday. What if someday (or on birthday), your girlfriend or boyfriend will visit the site as usual and see the banner with greetings to his or her name, probably a photo or a romantic picture illustrating your feelings. I think it will be a very pleasant surprise.

1. Order greeting banner design or make it yourself if you know how to work in Photoshop or Flash.
2. Order advertising space for one day at the website your boyfriend or girlfriend visits daily.
3. Have the banner placed on the website on the day specified.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Welcome Gifts

Normally we give presents on holidays or birthdays when people expect us to do it. We are used to buying gifts on that very day or the day before the date and nine times out of ten they are not what this particular person would really love to get, no matter how expensive the gift is. The better way is to pick up inexpensive welcome gifts that we know are really needed or likely to cheer our people up and present them more often without any expected reason.

1. Remark any items that would fit your friends and relatives' home, appearance, etc.
2. Fix in mind or note what your people tell you about their needs and wishes.
3. When you have a chance to buy a little gift don't put it off till tomorrow.

You will be surprised how future owners will be grateful for the gifts that are useful or to their taste. It is always pleasant to get a gift when you don't expect it. By presenting little gifts you show people that they are always in your mind, not only on holidays or birthdays.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Paint The Nursery Walls

The first years of a new baby are very important for developing basic skills, like color perception. That is why baby clothes are so bright, toys are so colorful and the walls color is so... oops... restrained. If your new baby could talk it would ask you to paint the walls in the nursery in bright colors, flowers, animals or cartoon characters.

1. Have an idea of what should be painted on the walls
2. Make a sketch on the sheet of paper based on your idea
3. Outline the forms of the drawings to paint them
4. Paint the outlines with various colors
5. Hire an artist if you don't think you can handle all the above

Your child will not be blind to the beauty of nature and bright colors of life. This fairy decoration will stimulate baby's fantasy.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Corporate Battle-Piece

Piece of art, usually abstract one, is considered to be a good corporate gift for company's top managers or president. However most of them are not art admirers and will not appreciate the gift, unless it is well-known masterpiece that costs a couple of millions. If this sum is too expensive for the company you can order a copy that will definitely satisfy everybody.

1. Find an artist who can make a good copy of well-known battle-piece.
2. Ask the artist to change the original faces at the picture to faces of company staff, e.i. general with the face of president, his attendants with the faces of top management, etc.
3. Organize a grand opening of the battle-piece.

The owner of the battle-piece picture will be pleased anyway no matter if he or she has sense of humor or not. If you mention at a corporate party that it was your idea, you are likely to get a promotion.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

An Old Friend Gift

All of us have old friends we haven't seen for a long time. We used to spend a good time together, but now we are too busy or too far away from each other. Meeting an old friend may be one of the most valuable gifts for birthday.

1. Find a phone number or email of a person you and your friend, who celebrates birthday, missed and would love to see.
2. Invite this person to your friend's birthday and tell about the surprise you want to make.
3. When you come to the birthday party tell your friend that your gift will be delivered soon.
4. At the birthday party talk to your friend about old times saying that it would be nice to get together sometime.
5. Give your 'gift' a sign that he or she may appear.

You have a chance to spend the whole evening or even night remembering good times you had. If the person you invited doesn't stay at your friend's house for a month, your friend will be glad to you for such a gift.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Day-off Gift Certificate

The gift in need is the gift indeed. All mothers know that the most needed thing during the first months of new baby life is the thing you lack the most – free time. Diapers, napkins, rattles, soft toys are useful gifts for a new mother at baby showers, but you can give her something better – an opportunity to spend some time for herself, like going to the beauty shop.

1. Buy a blank gift certificate with corresponding picture and design
2. Describe your gift, ex.: I will spend with your baby a day on any weekend you need.

Your friend will appreciate your gift very much if not at the moment but for sure when the time comes. She will be able to relax and enjoy free time leaving her baby with someone she trusts.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

True Heart Gift

When we love somebody we say we give our heart to this person. In fact these are only words, nothing more than a beautiful allegory. Of course we don't suggest you should give your heart literally, just to back your words up with facts.

1. When having a medical examination ask cardiologist to give you a blank form, print the heart diagram and record your heart beat
2. Fill the form with phrases like, 'The heart is full of love to you, my dear' or 'When we are apart it stops, but when we are together it makes 160 beats per minute'
3. Take your heart beat record to the radio and ask a soundman to set it to music, ex.: song 'I give you my heart'
4. Give your heart diagram to an abstractionist and order a picture based on the diagram

You will prove that your promises are not empty phrases. She will understand that you are not the kind of guy who turns a girl's head without serious intentions.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Flowers With Cards

As is common on Valentine's Day we give flowers to our Valentines. We take it for granted and think little of stuff like that, absentmindedly choosing those we are used to buying for her. However each flower has its meaning and if we use this knowledge we can better express our feelings.

1. Find out or observe what kind of flowers your Valentine loves
2. Learn in Internet or in a flower-shop what the meaning of each flower is
3. Buy little cards and write the flower legend on each of them (ex.: If a flower represents passion you can write "This flower is my tender passion for you")
4. Buy the flowers your Valentine adores and tie each card on with a color string

Friday, January 19, 2007

Valentine's Beauty Queen

Sometimes women don't have enough time and opportunity to fix themselves before going out on Valentine's Day. For this reason they may not feel confident no matter how hard you try to set a romantic mood. She will feel herself a beauty queen if you let her spend the whole day up to the dinner in a restaurant so she could have everything from pedicure to hairdo taking the full service in a beauty shop.

1. Buy unlimited service in a beauty shop for one day and make the ticket in the form of invitation
2. Ask your Valentine not to plan anything on Valentine's Day or take a day off
3. Present her the invitation in the morning and hire a taxi to pick her up in the evening at a beauty shop to take her to the restaurant

Finally, you will sit there with the most beautiful woman in the restaurant and all men will envy you. You will show that you can treat her as a lady and she will be pleased to sit there in the restaurant with a real man.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Annual Valentine's Proposal

Valentine's Day celebration is based on true proposal story but since that time reduced itself to valentine party or valentine date in a restaurant. No matter whether you have already proposed to your sweetheart or just about to do so it is the best gift you can ever give on Valentine's Day. Think of various creative ways to propose and use a different one every year.

1. Each year look through proposal ideas and pick up a new one your honey would love.
2. Each year buy her a different golden ring (chain, bracelet, etc.).
3. If she says 'yes' (that means you were a nice husband the previous year :-), organize a party to announce your engagement.

If you use 'Annual Valentine's Proposal' idea, you will breathe new life into your relationships each year and you will always feel yourselves just married. Valentine's Day will become the most long-expected day in the year for your darling.

Valentines All Over

There is a tradition to give a card in the shape of heart, so called 'valentine', to our sweethearts on Valentine's Day. One valentine a year is a good thing, but it wouldn't impress your Valentine much. Dozens or hundreds of valentines with complements hidden all over the house or apartment is quite another story.

1. Buy as many valentines as you can handle
2. Look around the house or apartment in search of the visible or hidden place to put a valentine
3. Fix a valentine with a 'context' compliment at each place (i.e. 'You look gorgeous' on the mirror, 'You make me hot' in the microwave oven, etc.)

If you use your brains, finding valentines may take a week or a month. Your sweetheart will spend a great time reading your valentines and your fantasy and efforts will be rewarded.