Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Oscar Wedding Shower

Whatever they say, the wedding shower is organized for the guests. But do they really get enough attention and respect in the wedding rush? Remember how the guests are welcomed at Oscar Awards Ceremony and try to recreate this Bohemian atmosphere on your wedding shower.

1. Arrange a long red carpet from the road to the front door
2. Hire a security guy with a ear-phone and a list of guests to check them out
3. Hire a dozen 'paparazzi', people with cameras to take pictures of arriving guests
4. Hire an actor playing a journalist to interview guests and a cameraman to film this process
5. Rent a screen connected to camcorder to show the guests' interviews to the guests inside the house

Your guests will feel themselves like Hollywood stars. The will tell everyone that you’ve made the best wedding shower they have ever been to.

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